Cant change Data location

Hello, I am trying to change the data location. When I was installing next cloud I selected the data location that I wanted but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. When I try to edit the config it doesn’t seem to change. Am I missing something? The location that I am trying to change to is a secondary drive on the system not the main drive but the drive is mounted so not sure

hey @RedZephon,

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too bad youre not giving away any information about your server, setup and environment.
so all ich could suggest to you is: please make heavy use of the built-in searchfunction of the forum. i am sure you’ll be getting some great answers on your question.

and if you found a successful answer it would be nice to post a link to it here so we could mark this thread as solved…

thanks in advance and good luck

I moved the data dir yesterday and used the following guides (Automoutning the new data drive to the server everytime it rebooted/started up)

(I used the commands/guide under " How to Move the Data Directory")

I run Nextcloud 17.0.1 - Non Snap.