Can't change data location to /home

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I have install lnmp .i try to install nextcloud by bt panle,when 1st step,i try to change data location to /home/data ,it tell me can’t to creat or write data location /home/data ,i have change the data forder permission to 777 and set user to www.why i get this message?i only wan’t to change data location to this forder.

my site is,anyone can install it for a try.

/home/data is not a useful location for the data directory, as in /home there are the home directories of the system users. You could put it into your personal user directory, say your user is dzhl, that would be /home/dzhl/data. I would prefer a directory like
In both cases remember that the data directory must be owned by the user that runs the web server.
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/lib/nextcloud/data
would do the trick.

only if he runs nginx processes as user www-data. unless it’s change in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf with a user www-data; statement the default nginx user is nginx.

just check with ps -ef | grep nginx