Can't change calendar colour

I have a Calendar which I want to change the colour of. I see how to do that. I click on the colour patch and a colour picker appears below. Now all I have to do is move my mouse over and click the colour I want.


As soon as I move my mouse the colour picker disappears. How can I change the colour!

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 16.24.24

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to provide DETAILED information about your server, client environment and the used browser to be able to narrow down the problem. Which else have you already down to analyze the problem, e.g. used a different browser, etc., etc.

Dunno pal, maybe its a well known problem, maybe someone will jump up and say “you can’t”. If they did that I’d be wasting my time.

If its not a known problem how much DETAIL do you want?

I’m guessing this is

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Thanks @tcit that is the exact issue I have, I appreciate your helpful reply.

I have been able to change the colours using Firefox but its not my browser of preference. I see this issue has been known about since March. I wonder if it will be fixed before long. Or maybe more people don’t prefer Safari!

Thanks again.