Can't backup my Nextcloud Data folder

Hey folks,

I’ve just installed Nextcloud manually after having issues with the SNAP installation due to container permissions.

Basically, I want to be able to backup my NC Data folder to an off-site solution. Problem is, my backup application runs with my user’s permissions and www-data is the owner of the NC Data folder.

I’ve tried adding my user account to the www-data group, but the issue still persists. It may well be an issue with the backup application, and I’ve logged a ticket with them too, but thought I’d here in case I’m being stupid and missing something obvious.

Here’s my setup details:

  • Nextcloud 15.0.5
  • Ubuntu 18.04.2
  • Nginx 1.14.2
  • MariaDB 10.1
  • PHP 7.2

Thanks folks!