Can't anable E2E encryption

I’m using Nextcloud which is on Woelkli server. Also using Nextcloud Android app.
Have read all the forum but still can’t figure out how to enable E2E encryption.
When using web app there is no such setting on account settings panel.
When using Android app and choosing actions with files or folders there is no such action “Encrypt”. Only “Add to favorites, Details, Rename, Move, Copy, ect.”
What am I doing wrong?

What about this thead. You will find many more using the search function of this forum:

I am not sure that Wölki provides admin access to your Nextcloud instance. You need admin access to install additional features (add-ons, plug-ins), including end-to-end encryption plug-in.

Plus, I find Wölki incredibly expensive. You can have a Nextcloud with admin access, 250 GB and unlimited number of users for 120-150 € per year out there…


Seems like the issue is in the lack of admn access :face_with_monocle:
Currently using 2Gb Woelkli instance for free.