Can't add groups from the web UI

I have NC 27.0.0, and it seems that I can no longer add new groups via the web interface. The command line (occ) creates them just fine.

I hope this is a known problem and will be fixed in the next update. If this is truly a problem, it could be very frustrating for new users who don’t know much about the command line capabilities.

same here, we can not cretae groups

I was told that this will be corrected in next version soon after 20 july

Thanks for letting me know!

Is there a workaround to create a group in the meantime? Like from the command line maybe?


I think I used “./occ group:add ”

I’ve found that it pays to learn about occ, FWIW. I’m assuming you know where to find it.

Take care.

Thanks for the tip! Yes I’m familiar how to issue occ commands for the docker platform.
For anyone else looking, with docker this is the command I used:
docker exec --user www-data CONTAINER_ID php occ group:add newgroup
(change CONTAINER_ID for your container ID of nextcloud-app)

I am truly sorry that adding a group is broken again :see_no_evil:

Bug report for Nextcloud 27:

The bug is already fixed and will be released with Nextcloud 27.0.1 scheduled for 2023-07-20 (Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub).

Workaround: Use occ to add a group.

Also you cannot add a new “shared folder” from “Group folders” !!

Go to “Administration settings”–> “Group folders” (you cannot add a new shared folder).

if you don’t have group folders, you can download it from the apps…

Works on my machine.

However, group folders and groups are not the same.
I recommend creating a new post, using the template, in support.