Can't add external storage, always getting the red exclamation mark!

Can’t for the love of me add my external SSD as external storage in Nextcloud!

Nextcloud is running inside OMV through portainer. I have read and watched countless of Youtube videos on how to add external storage in nextcloud but the red exclamation mark always shows up.

It has been weeks of trying. Please help me troubleshoot!

OK I think I solved it for now. For anyone who has the same problem, check the container settings. I went to portainer as nextcloud is a container inside OMV, and created a new mount for the external disk.

I’m having the same issue with NextcloudPi. I have an external USB drive that I can’t figure out how to get the setting for External storage to work properly.

Did you keep the settings like they are in the screenshot you attached to get it working?

I’m wondering if the Folder name needs to be anything in particular, or if you could make that anything you want it to be?
Similarly, for the Configuration field-is /mnt/ a default for mount point that always needs to be included? or something different?
is disk2 what you labeled your SSD, or did that come from somewhere else?

I tried putting NextCloud1 as the folder name and /mnt/NextCloud1 as the configuration, but I still have the red exclamation point, so I guess I’m still missing something. If you’ve got any ideas what it could be I’d be happy to hear them.