Cant add any apps like calendar

Hello we keep trying to find the solution but we cant add apps on nextcloud using app or cant search some apps. we can only use pre installed apps version 20.0.4 we install nextcloud under occ. need some help. thanks

First of all Nextcloud v20.0.4. is already end of life and not supported anymore. You should update your installation asap to a supported version, like v24.0.5. See the Maintenance & Release Schedule for further details.

Second you should read the App management chapter in the documentation. Most likely one of the related parameters, like appstoreenabled, upgrade.disable-web or apps_pathsneed to be set differently.

sorry my bad. um currently we are using 24.0.3 using occ and only a small pre installed app are on the list, meanwhile we canโ€™t install new app, we are trying to install a manual installation on the server. but we failed