Can't activate sensorlogger app


I copied sensorlogger in the directory /apps and it shows up under deactivated apps. However, I cannot activate the app as the button is greyed out.
Any suggestions what the issue is here?


did you find a solution yet?
If not - try to go to your nextcloud folder - there should be a subfolder /apps/sensorlogger/appinfo

in this folder there should be a file info.xml

open this file and edit this line:
<nextcloud min-version="10" max-version="12"/>
<nextcloud min-version="10" max-version="13"/>

at least you should be able to activate the module - of course this means that sensorlogger is not tested with Nextcloud 13 and might just not work any more …

Edit: better to put code between apostrophes


??? seems as if theres something important missing :wink:

sometimes this could be solved easily by checking for the owner of the copied data and of setting the correct permissions