Can't access web ui Nextcloudpi Docker

Hi, I have installed Nextcloudpi with Docker command shown

Apart from changeing ports to -p 4443:4443 -p 444:444 -p 82:82, it shows as running in portainer

I can access wg-easy, NGINX proxy manager and Portainer fine through the pi’s ip address and relevant port, just not Nextcloudpi, I have tried every combination from http://nextcloudpi:4443/ http://nextcloudpi.local:4443/ http://nextcloudpi http://nextcloudpi.local, http and https, ports 444 and 82 with all of them, just get Unable to connect.

i know this has been asked before and I have seen the threads but all out of ideas here, any thought?
Thanks all

I’m for sure no docker expert. But one of the port numbers is the internal container port and the other the external (of the container).
So if you want to reach http and https of ncp you need to reach 443 and 80 of the container (internal). External it could be whatever you like

Thanks, I changed 444 & 82

But still cant access web interface on 4443 ?

Ah, had to press Activate :blush: Thanks REAPERSbattlecry all working now

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