Can't access to users list


I’ve update my nc 16 to 16.3 and .5 after.

when I am on mycloud/index.php/settings/users/ I can only see the administrators.

For the other groups, I have this message :

Une erreur est survenue pendant la requete. Impossible de traiter la demande.

my actives apps :
Accessibility 1.2.0
Activity 2.9.1
Antivirus for files 2.2.0
AppOrder 0.8.0
Auditinq / Logging 1.6.0
Bookmarks 2.2.0
Brute-force settings 1.4.0
Calendar 1.7.1
Collaborative tags 1.6.0
Comments 1.6.0
Contacts 3.1.6
Deleted files 1.6.0
File sharing 1.8.0
First run wizard 2.5.0
Group folders 4.1.3
Log Reader 2.1.0
Monitoring 1.6.0
Nextcloud announcements 1.5.0
Notes 3.0.3
Notifications 2.4.1
OCC Web 0.0.4
Password policy 1.6.0
PDF viewer 1.5.0
Plain text editor 2.8.0
QOwnNotesAPI 19.9.0
Recommendations 0.4.0
Share by mail 1.6.0
ShareRenamer 2.7.2
Support 1.0.0
Theming 1.7.0
Update notification 1.6.0
Usage survey 1.4.0
Versions 1.9.0
Video player 1.5.0

My website is on OVH
MYSQL v5.6
PHP 7.2




I have a similar problem on NC17 (fresh install) where after the initial setup I cannot add users or groups. Also changing the language doesn’t stick. Nothing in the logs, just fails silently -very strange!

Here’s the link to my post about it:

Hope someone can help either one of us…