Can't access to us.cloudamo


I’m having problems to connect to as i usually do. I have create the account a few month ago via Nextcloud

I’m getting a 404 error.

Hope you can help me, this is affecting my univeristy projet working with it.

the site tells me:


Okay thanks, i wasn’t seeing this. After testing in private navigation mode this appears.

Same here. It’s been going on at least 24 hours or longer. I keep getting that "~~~ Nextcloud UPDATE IN PROGRESS ~~~ ~~~ Nextcloud UPDATE IN PROGRESS ~~~ " error message screen. I finally went back to where I can at least still log into my billing account, and I submitted a ticket asking what’s up. There’s nothing I could find on either site (HostISO nor Cloudamo) about a major update, or a status update, or anything like that.

So much for that “100% uptime guarantee.”

I have the same issue and managed to talk to someone at cloudamo, they told me the update should be completed in about an hour.

It works again. If you need your data 24/7 you should in future copy your data to a second server.

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