Can't access to NC from trusted devices

Hi there,

I am very new to newcloud and still struggling with the correct configuration. I am using a NUC11 with a new ubuntu 22.10 installation. My first approach was using snap. Easy to install but I could not solve the problem with videos (ffmpeg,….), so I decided to not using snap again and installed nextcloud as described on the help section at nextcloud homepage (“Example installation on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS”).

Now, videos on nextcloud are working well and also thumbnails of videos are good.

My problem now is, that only the server itself can find the newcloud, when typing “localhost” in browser. I edited the config.php at section trusted domain and add “1 => ‘192.168.178.*’. This was ok at the snap installation but not at the new installation without snap now. Other devices only see the apache2 default page.

I have no idea what is wrong….

Thank you


It is very bad to use a Dev-Ubuntu-Release for a Nextcloud server. Please use only LTS-version e.g. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

Maybe you like this installation guide. For Debian you can use this installation guide.

I think your apache2 configuration is not correct. Please read my posted guides above. I also advise to use Lets Encrypt certificates. It is not a real security risk to have the Nextcloud accessible from the Internet. If you see this as a risk, you should better throw away your smartphone first.

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Ok thanks for your answer. I will check this later.
One question to your advice for lets encrypt:
I did it on my first attempt with the snap-installation and after that, I could not find NC again. So I said to myself: Why ssl encryption, when only using locally?
Is it really necessary if I don’t want to reach my nextcloud from internet? And btw… in config pages there is the section :

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www/nextcloud/

What should I enter at ServerName when only for local use?
Thank you

This is not correct. It’s not a list of devices allowed to access Nextcloud. It’s a list of addresses where Nextcloud can be accessed, i.e. Nextcloud’s hostname, FQDN, and/or IP(s), and not a wildcard. The parameter will take a wildcard according to the documentation, but there’s no reason you should need to wildcard the server’s IP.

ServerName is used to identify virtual hosts by SNI. In other words the same server and the same IP and port can serve different web pages based on what URL was typed in the browser.

In your case, you probably don’t need to set it at all. But the correct usage would be to set it to the FQDN being used for NextCloud.

Try disabling the default site in Apache. Most likely what’s happening is you’ve set localhost or something else to the Nextcloud site ServerName and so it’s defaulting to the default site for other clients using the IP.

If that doesn’t fix it then run this and post output.

apache2ctl -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS