Can't access Server from android app inside the house?

in the app If i try to connect using the public ip to the server, it times out,
but if i use the chrome app on my phone i can connect to the server
if i disable wifi and use data the app works.

I can connect to it via desktop browser
and outside the house via android app too.
any help?

I believe this has to do with IPV6 vs IPV4. I would set the address in your app to your IPv6 address and see what happens, if your server supports IPv6 it should work. Same thing happened to me earlier.

Yes,android client is not ipv6 ready…

I have the same issue as long as I activate IPV6 for my smartphone.
Ipv6 connection to the server with browser and other apps works…

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how is ipv6 an issue if i can connect via ipv4 outside the house but not inside the house?
plus it works via ipv4 ip in browser?

What’s also interesting, if I login on outside, i can use it inside the house, it is just a little bit “laggy”

Than please have a look in your database…
…can be blocking from bruteforce.

SELECT * FROM oc_bruteforce_attempts

If your lokal IP is listed, just delete it. Or delete the reffering for your account.

I had the same problems with Android Nextcloud-App and ipv6.
I try the owncloud App and it works fine with the nextcloud installation. I changed nothing. This app works fine: