Cant access remotely with port opened and ssl cert

Hi Guys,

long time lurker, first-time poster.

I have played around setting up nextcloud for some time now and finally got my own server up and running and working the other day with help from this post.

now everything was working and running great as a test I had 0 issues. But I needed to get it working on my primary server:

Old desktop machine (not that old just my old one)
i7, 8700k
32GB Ram
4 x 12TB Drives
running FreeNAS-11.3-U1 (the same as the test machine)

So since then I have tried replicating the server but with no luck, I get an “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” when accessing from outside, my domain name has not changed, the config file is the same as the previous one.
The ports are open on both 80 and 443 even tested to ensure I was not going crazy
The only change between the test machine and the actual server is the firewall changed from a normal tplink router to a pfsense firewall, now i have changed the default port for pfsense away from 443 and can access it without issue from outside. Perhaps there is someone that can assist me a bit more regarding the solution or perhaps just point out a flaw that within my setup - happy to go into depths where required.

I have not yet tested the old router to check if my issue is with the firewall but will do asap and report back, in the meantime I figured I will reach out my hand and see if there is any assistance available.

Thanks in advanced

What does “replicating the server” mean?
How come the domain name has not changed?
Do you request a new SSL for this server?

Hi There

by replicating what i did on the test server to the primary server so everything basically stays the same except for the name and data

The domain name will stay the same, the only difference is that I will be adding another domain name later on.

A new SSL has been requested


Put the old router back in and was able to get access from outside the network. seems to be the firewall and will check the configuration and see if I come right.


I think the new server (old desktop machine) runs correctly Nextcloud from local ip adress? If yes look at the port forwarding on your router. Perhaps the ip address changes.

If it do not help please post a picture with your network an real ip addresses, ports, forwarding, …