Can't access NextCloud from LAN (not even with internal ip)

Hi there, new NextCloud user here

I have been running NC for a few weeks without any access problems, but today after logging out of the Admin user on my LAN (same network as the server) I haven’t been able to load the login page again. Using the cellular connection on my phone, I can access NC easily. Neither the public domain/ip nor the internal ip works on LAN though. Other services (like transmission web daemon and ssh) works fine from public domain through my LAN.

I haven’t changed anything on the server between the time it worked and the time it didn’t. Though earlier today I have updated the server to 15.0.7 from 15.0.6 and requested a SLL certificate from Lets Encrypt.

Nextcloud version: 15.0.7
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 18.04
Nginx version: 1.15.9
PHP version: 7.3.3

Is it possible that you have a Fail2Ban like service running on the server which may have blocked your LAN IP? You may want to try accessing from a different device on the LAN so that your source IP address is different. Coming through the Cell provider your source IP is different and perhaps not blocked by a firewall rule.

Fail2Ban type services dynamically add firewall block rules based on what they see in the server’s log files. If you haven’t whitelisted the LAN IP range, you are likely to have generated a series of authentication errors in the log files while testing something from your LAN. Some of the Fail2Ban setups add block rules on a per service basis so that you might be blocked from accessing the web port used by NextCloud but not SSH or “transmission web daemon” if “transmission web daemon” listens on a different port.


Thanks so much for this! Apparently, Fail2Ban had banned the servers own public ip in the nextcloud jail.

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