Can't Access Nextcloud admin portal since upgrade (On Truenas)


My system is TrueNAS-12.0-U6.
I have nextcloud version 22.2.0 running in a jail that is running 12.2-RELEASE-p10.

The other day I was notified that there was up update available for nextcloud, so I updated it via the truenas GUI and i checked the “update jail too” checkbox. I don’t know what versions I was running before the upgrade, sorry!

But since the upgrade whenever i try to to to my admin portal, which is supposed to be at I am diverted back to the truenas login screen. In addition my next cloud client devices are not able to connect to the nextcloud server, so it appears to be down (even though in truenas it says it is up).

Any idea why or how to trouble shoot this?
I am an absolute computer novis, sorry!

I have the same problem.
And I totally removed the plugin and reinstalled. It’s still the same.

I found a solution, just try the 8283 port.
The new plugin forced https, and 8283 is the https port.
The 8282 default redirect to 443 which is the truenas’s https UI. I didin’t find where to correct it.
My only problem is that I added a nginx to reverse proxy the 8283 https port, and I used let’s encrypt cert, but the browser keeps showing the self-signed cert and telling me the cert is invalid.