Cant Access Nexcloud from Local Lan

Hi Friends

I have been reading post after post trying to figure this out, but can’t.

I have Nextcloud snap running on an Ubuntu server.
I have pfsense as my router and use HA Proxy on pfsense for ssl and a reverse proxy.
I have 2 Lan’s on Pfsense, one for me and one for visitors, Nextcloud is running on the visitors Lan.
I can access Nextcloud using my domain name externally and also on my personal Lan.
I cannot access Nextcloud on the Lan it is running on (guest Lan) either with the domain name or the local IP address, it times out or says Unable to connect.

I have tried editing the hosts on the server, and have checked to see if some firewall rule on the router is blocking something but cant seen anything. I have also checked the config.php file but may of missed something.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

are you able to connect to any other devices within your 2nd (aka guest) lan?

if not it seems to be a wrong network-setup.

Your router probably does not forward ports when the source is internal, you can do split horizon dns but it’s not worth the hassle.

Hi, yes I can ssh into the box, I run cockpit on the same machine and can access that as well via broswer.