Cant access NC Snap data dir after moving data directory- permissions

i’ve finally moved my NC data directory to an external SSD but i cant access the NC Directory.

I moved NC (copied nc dir) to an external 2tb ssd located at /media/user1/2tb/nextcloud_data_directory

My issue is that i cant open the /nextcloud_data_directory without error, or using Sudo Nautilus… I I am trying to point my NC desktop client to sync to /nextcloud_data_directory but get no permissions from NC desktop sync.
I also cant access /nextcloud_data_directory from file explorer too- unless sudo nautilus

i noticed that when i created a folder named test and filled it with data on or using the NC web portal, that /media/user1/2tb/nextcloud_data_directory/administrator/files/test shows as having the 6gb i uploaded. But i cant access NC directory without SU or Nautilus etc

**Could someone tell me to how i can get access the Nextcloud directory after moving it ?

btw im on ubuntu 16.04 lts with latest NC snap 13

Thanks In Advance!

Im sure this is been answered in many different ways, i just cannot find the answers.

Im new to ubuntu and NC, and i really need someone’s help. Please?