Can't access NC after software update


Today I have update the software in nextcloud (carnet, contact, antivirus, …).

After this operation, I can’t login into my NC.

I take a look at the logs, and it seems that antivirus software is no longer availlable (logs availlable here).

Do you think it’s a good idea to reinstall this software with this procedure : ?

Or I will do a wrong thing ?

Can you help me to restore my access ?

I’m using the last version of NC on a Dietpi home server

Thank you.
Have a good day.

Propably an incompatible app is preventing the update.

You can try to disable them app by app with the occ command and try the update again.

Thank you for your help.
I disabled antivirus files with occ command.
NC didn’t work after this. But I take a look to the logs and saw that unsplash have a problem.
I use occ command to update all apps.
And after it’s now working !

Thank you again.

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