Can't access locally, can externally

I can access my nextcloudpi through my Domain (Godaddy) with DDNS provided by FREEDNS. I can do this both locally and externally over HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt certificate.

But I cannot bring up https://192.168.x.x:4443 without Not Secure warning saying invalid certificate
or without getting Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource.

I don’t know if its related but I also get the Not Secure invalid certificate when I bring up my router interface

Hoping someone can help.

that’s because you won’t get a trusted certificate for that ip address. you can only generated self-signed certs for that ip address.

anyhow you can ignore this warning. you should trust your internal network. otherwise you have a bigger problem.

i guess you didn’t forward port 4443 to your internal nextcloud. only 443. or?

That’s one way not to do it. :wink: Better would be a proper SplitBrain DNS setup or second best way would be to use NAT-Loopback, Hairpin NAT if the router supports it.

She or he should not do that and would not have to do that if DNS were set up properly internally and externally. Just imagine you share a link with someone outside your network while you are logged in with https://192.168.x.x:4443. This will not work even if port 4443 is forwarded.