Cannt download zip file and php script of nextcloud


I cannt download zip file and .php scrip from this ip address I also cnnt access through this ip. Any idea. this ip is static ip so its not possible to change it.

Perhaps it is on a spam list. You can send me a PM. Send me the urls and the names of the files. Then i download them for you and you can download them from my nextcloud. Because you use , do you use acually another ip? Have you tested another browser because of javascript-problems?

Hi devnull

Thanks for replying.

Perhaps it is on a spam list
Actually i recently purchased this ip from my isp. I want to remove this ip from spam list.I dont know who was using this ip.

do you use acually another ip?
I have two connection one is for me and 2nd is for my server. static ip connection is to server that is the ip i was told you. Though static ip connection i cannt access nextcloud whole website including and but i can access through my non static internet.I want to install nextcloud on my server. in sort install in it on static ip

Have you tested another browser because of javascript-problems?
Yes i have tested. same problem.

Send me the urls and the names of the files. Then i download them for you and you can download them from my nextcloud
For this thanks. I will download to my another connection but i want to install nexcloud on my server that belongs to static ip.

Q) Is it possible to remove my ip from span list? If yes How to do that? If at your end then please remove it. That i am sure it is in span list. i get same problem in gmail. gmail server refuses to receive my email from my server because of my ip is in spam list. so i was removed from a website and now it removed and email are working fine. At the end i talk to my isp and replace my ip.

I think it is on the spam list from Nextcloud GmbH. Perhaps send them an email. Perhaps someone read this … Hello Nextcloud GmbH !!!

Do you know the email id or something else to contact them?


Any more help?

I filed an issue with our sysadmins, hope they can clear this up, but it is likely on the side of our hosting provider, Hetzner.

Hi @Anuj_Chadha,

“cannot download” is a very broad description. We cannot find your IP in any of our log files. Also the IP is not blocked on our side. This looks more like an issue somewhere else and not on our side. (in general we don’t block anybody from our download or forum server - except for very good reasons of spamming us with requests, but this happens very rarely and then you get also a proper 429 response status code).

Please try this:

curl -I

If you download with some custom script: give it a user agent: we block everything from download that does not have a user agent, because there were some attacks against our download server.

Thanks for replying.

Currently i am using proxy for replying.I have made a video for more detail.Please check


Please check video


I am not using any agent.

curl -I
I get this error
curl: (28) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection timed out

Very nice video :wink: It is interessting that one server on the network is routed and the other server not. Perhaps the problem is at hop 4. I see only a routing problem at your provider. All other things seems ok.

Here a copy of both files (zip and webinstaller) for you to download:

Traceroute with the error for other people to understand the problem.


Perhaps it is a problem with subdomains.
Test also “” and “”.
Subdomains can be a CNAME-problem at the nameserver.
Perhaps you can set the ip-addresses in the windows-hosts-file.
Also you can perhaps repeat traceroute with ip ip-addresses.
Also you can test the nameserver to (Google).

Here a copy of both files (zip and webinstaller) for you to download:

I have copies. the problem in update and install new app in nexcloud. Also its installation. It required to connect to your server.

This is my router dns

Ok. Perhaps a problem with the Google DNS. Can you use the DNS from your provider.

Test setting the hosts manually. Post dns lookups from your nextcloud. Sorry, no further idea.

Done all this

same problem.

Test also “” and “”.

All computer on your network with the problem?
If yes ask your provider.

I have one server and laptop that is connected to modem router. this static ip is configure in the modem.So i have no network.


Could you please make another repo into another server if possible to this server or Any other way solve?