Cannot write anything 16.0.1

Since I upgraded from 15.0.7 to 16.0.0, I cannot write anything. I am getting lots of unspecified server errors with the sync client. Server side, I am getting loads of errors like this:
The log files grows into the 100s of MB per day, so it is difficult to pinpoint the offending line, this is a bit of a shot in the dark here, but something is definitely off here.
The web UI works nicely, but with the same problem.

This is on a shared host on CentOS7 and everything runs on a single user account, so permissions ought to be quite straight forward. In my data directory, dirs are 770 and files 660. In the shell I can read and write with the same user there, no problems.
I had no problems before the upgrade.

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Have you used some program like Redis for file locking before? Just asking, because if so it seems to have stopped working.
The log file starts with a few entries, that NC could not write to the database and that should probably the main reason for you issue.
Could you check your DB and why writing to it is not possible? Check the db log if existing or the system logs (/journal).

I tried to use Redis for it, but failed to even compile php with support for it. But it was there and it was then when things were starting to get weird.
Any idea how I could purge my db from redis artifacts?

I don’t think there are artifacts in the DB. It is rather some configuration still pointing to redis.
You could post your nextcloud/config/config.php (please remove sensitive data like passwords and salts) and check your php.ini for entries regarding DB and redis.

Please also check your system logs and mentioned before. They may provide some better info about the actual root cause.