Cannot view pdf files in ios app

Dear sirs,

I cannot view pdf documents from my ios nextcloud app (V 2.16 (00012)). Pdf documents bear a small crossed-circle icon, whereas Excel files display „xls“. The problem exists on ipad and iphone, but from the owncloud app I can view the same documents on the same iphone from the same server without any problems?
Can you fix the problem?

Would not call this a bug, it is a feature which is missing.
Other thought: Has this worked before?

Hi, in my view, this is a bug! When tapping on a pdf document in the app I expect the app to view the contents of the pdf. The nextcloud ios app, instead, ask me for an application to open the pdf with. Appears to be a MIME problem ot the built-in pdf viewer of the app is broken. Am I the only one with this problem?

Thanks, Michael

Hello Michael,

just used a iPad Air which is still using the same version as you mentioned.
Tried 5 different pdf’s right now and all of them are displayed properly within the app.
There is no no “open with” dialog.

So forget my previous posting.

Have you tried different pdfs.

Which server version are you using?

Hi, I have tried different pdfs. Any pdf would call the “open with” dialog. My server version is Nextcloud 11.0.2 (stable).
Don’t you think, this is a client/app issue? When I use the Owncloud IOS app (V3.5.3) on the same server, it works fine
Thank you,

PS: other file types (e-g- .XLS, .DOC) work fine.

Hmmh, could you wait for upcoming release v2.17 and check.
If issue still exists you then can open issue at github.


I have installed the nextcloud snap and download the nextcloud app in an android device
But I cannot view the pdf files in the phone. It is saying no apps found to open the file.
I can open the file in nextcloud web on desktop.
Can you tell me what should i do in order to fix this?

Hello @m_j ,

you are replying to an 4 year old topic.
Lot of things changed specially the iOS app.
Please search the forum and/or open a new topic and add all necessary information to help you.