Cannot use Passwords with WebAssembly disabled


I wanted to try Passwords and it was installing fine but when opening the app I got a big colorfull message saying that my browser is outdated (I am using the most recent Firefox 108.0.2).

Looking at the console the problem was quickly spotted:

“WebAssembly not supported” and therefor “Browser does not support ECMAScript 2017 / ES2017”.

This is because I’m using a custom arkenfox user.js where web assembly is disabled by default because of security concerns.

I’m using this user.js for years and it’s the very first time I’m facing such issue.

So now I’m a bit sceptical with Passwords handling very sensitiv data but relies on some kind of risky (?) technology (please tell me if I’m wrong).

Maybe someone can explain it to me further and can wipe out any concerns? That would be great.

Thank you,

WebAssembly is a standardized W3C technology that provides a way of running code that was not written in JavaScript in modern browsers. If you disable that, you should also disable JS, otherwise what’s the point.

The passwords app uses this technology to ship a version of the libsodium library that was compiled to WASM. This library is used to provide E2EE functionality to users who enable it.

Thanks for your quick reply, that helps!

And well, indeed I have js disabled by default in my browser and just enable it for sites I trust via uMatrix.