Cannot upload files via Webinterface


I recently installed Nextcloud on my server with the setup-nextcloud.php-script.
Finished without any problems. Login working fine.

The problem is that I cannot upload any file (doesn’t matter what size) via the Webinterface.

But I can delete any file via Webinterface.
Space is 170G left, no quotas, no wrong permissions of folders (otherwise I would not be able to delete)

Using the nextcloud app for android, I can upload files just fine. It must be a problem that is related to the webinterface. What could that problem be?

At first I got the error message:

Error uploading file "TranscriberAG-2.0.0-b1.tar.gz": Not enough free space, you are uploading 8.5 MB but only 0 B is left

So I changed the file file-upload.js from

freeSpace = $('#free_space').val();


freeSpace = 1000000000;

Now I am able to actually upload files but right after uploading the file I get this error:

Error uploading file "TranscriberAG-2.0.0-b1.tar.gz": Not Found

What could be the problem and how to solve it?

Is this only for large files? Can you check your nextcloud-logfile (data/nextcloud.log)?