Cannot upload files of specific format in public folder


I am testing 21.0.1, it all works fine at the exception that I cannot upload pdf, mp4 and zip formats. It works fine with txt and xlsx .

I have installed Nextcloud from Softaculous which is included with cPanel on Hostgator . Installation went smoothly, however when trying to upload a file anonymously on a public folder, some files can be uploaded and some don’t. There is just an error saying that filename.pdf could not be uploaded .

I looked into " File access control" App, this is used to deny access.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Have you installed and activated this app? Does ist work if you deactivate or deinstall the app?
Is this app the problem or not? Do you have any logs?

Yes I have installed the app. I just don’t know how to allow file types for anonymous uploads.