Cannot sync calendar with Android device

Hi there,

I am syncing my shared group calendar just fine on two iOS devices but I am having problems with an Android device.

I have purchased Davx5 and set it up through NextCloud app>Menu>Settings>More>Sync calendar & contacts.

It launches Davx5, connects to the server, asks me for credentials and then displays a screen saying that the connection to the client was successful. When I look for the calendar in the Android calendar app, it isn’t there. Maybe I’m doing something stupid!

Can anybody help with this, please?


EDIT: I notice that there are no accounts in the Davx5 app. If I try to add one, it just gets stuck on querying server for ages and then says the credentials might be wrong.

Another EDIT; OK, so the mistake I was making was putting the wrong credentials in on the Davx5 account. I needed to enter the calnedar owner’s account credentials (me) rather than the device owner’s credentials (Android user).