Cannot share files

I would like to host my own nextcloud. However before doing so, I decided to sign up with a provider to test the apps. I signed up with and uploaded one photo. I then tried to share the photo and all I get is a read error message saying file not found 404. Can someone please tell me where I went wrong?

What version of nextcloud?

Have they disabled sharing on their end?

Why do you think this is a nextcloud issue?

What errors do you see in the log section?

Have you contacted their support about this?

I have no idea if it is a Nextcloud issue or not. I don’t know anything about the provider other than it was the one suggested by the next cloud app. I just wanted to test the app to see how well it worked. It would seem odd that the one and only US nextcloud host provider would have this kind of flaw. Not a great first experience.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound like a great experience to me either. But it’s not a nextcloud issue. Sharing works fine on my end with version 18.

I’ll see if can provide any help. I doubt they have disabled Sharing as they make these accpoounts (10GB) available for free presumably to sell services. I also think that the 404 message is particularly uninformative.

I wrote to and they said:

Sharing files on free service is not possible.
Due to a abuse, we were forced to disable this option.

They need to learn something about customer service. If they are going to disable a feature they should do a better job of letting their potential paying customers know rather than issuing useless messages (or on the Mac no message at all).

Coolio. We don’t particularly care or keep up with shared providers here. The majority self host!

I hope you enjoy nextcloud when you get around to setting it up.

I get it and I plan to self host. I just wanted to check it out before installing. Thanks for your help.