Cannot Set Quota


I have just upgraded my NC26 server to NC 27.1.9 and wanted to start using quotas. So I logged into the site as administrator and fiddled with the quota settings, but they don’t seem to stick, or only occasionally ask for confirmation and then stick. Furthermore, I also can’t reset the quota to “Unlimited”. Please see the two attached screenshots: One shows the quota as “Unlimited”, because it was created that way, and the other shows “0B”, after I set the quota to a lower value, then tried to remove it again. I also tried to set the quota from the command line with ‘occ’, but that did not work, either, and I haven’t yet figured out what to put into the database, ie, how to just use SQL to change the quota.

FWIW, I am using Pg 13 at this point (upgrade to Pg 15 imminent) on a Bookworm machine, ie, with PHP 8.2.

Where do I go from here, please?

I remember an issue in the past I think it was related to 32-bit systems but I don’t know the outcome, please use the search

Thank you! I had reviewed that issue before I posted, but my system is just a run-off-the-mill 64 bit Debian system (amd64), currently running Bookworm, nothing esoteric.