Cannot see 20.0 upgrade + nextcloud scan weirdness

Nexcloud 19.04
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
PHP 7.2 on LAMP

I have a perfectly working installation on 19.04 (upgraded multiple times from 16.0.x) that doean’t want ti upgrade to 20.
If I set the update channel to beta alla I see available is 19.05.rc sicne 20.x has been available for quite awhile I’m worried that maybe something is wrong with the instance.
Another weridness is that if I run a sceuirty scan by Nextcloud it reports we are using 18.06.
I tried occ Integrity:check-core and it returns no errors.
Apache error logs is clean and I hve no signs of problems.
Thanks for your attention

Unfortunately you haven’t searched the forum for related information, otherwise you would know that you have to reload the scan page once you pressed the scan button, to get the updated scan result displayed. If you don’t reload the page, the previous result is always displayed :wink:

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I have the same issue regarding version 20 not being offered for upgrade. My Nextcloud is 19.0.5 now, running on PHP 7.3, MariaDB 10.1 and Debian 9. I assume either Nextcloud can detect the machine actually does not meet the minimal requirements, or the updates are throttled.


go and update to the latest minor version of your actual majorversion. and after that you switch to beta-channel and reload the page. take care that you’d choose a non-beta version from nc20.x. install. switch back to stable.
remember: you’re the only one responsible for your actions.

AND SEARCH THE FORUM BEFORE YOU OPEN A NEW THREAD - as these questions has been answered up and down through the forum.

same is valid for you!

the forum would tell you a dozen times that delpoyment is staged.

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Thanks for the answer.

I must say I love Nextcloud as software, but I am a little annoyed by the tone I am getting answers on this forum. I am not lame, I am a software developer myself and long time contributor to various OSS projects. I was answering questions on support forums for years, so I know search is the first thing to do. Frankly search for “upgrade 19 to 20” and similar via DuckDuckGo, Google nor here yielded any helpful answer, and I was trying to find some for over a week. Just today this new thread appeared.

So please next time, I would appreciate more friendly tone. It might even help if you post a link if there is any particular thread you know that contains the answer, instead of pointing to search without any details, what should I have been searching for.

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you rather might have tried the built-in searchfunction of this forum… upper right corner of the menubar above. marked by a :mag:
suggested searchstring “i can’t upgrade” coming up with 50+ entries (not all about upgrading major versions but though enough to get wise of it, surprisingly enough even some of which referring to upgrade/update 19->20)

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