Cannot receive admin password


I cannot recover my admin password - the app doesn’t send an email with the new password (reset password). My email has been add in my account as usual of course.
How to get the new password now ?

I don’t have a high IT level … thanks for your support :wink:


You will can run occ from the server’s command prompt to reset the password without email.

more directly Reset Admin password

Thanks for your feed back !
But I am not so confident to use OCC, it’s far away from my IT skills…
Is there an official Nextcloud suport to help me ? Or I have to improve my IT skills :slight_smile:

Can you login with SSH to your server? A client software is e.g. Putty.
If yes you must only login and then execute the command.

If you have low IT skill it is perhaps better to search a nextcloud hoster.
Or improve your linux IT skill :wink:

Thanks Devnull,

I work on Macbook pro … and SSH is also far away from me … But I get login with SSH on my server for sure.
I have to improve my linux IT skill as you said :slight_smile: (on a PC of course!).