Cannot react to notification in windows client app

in my Nextcloud configuration I’m using notification in order to confirm login attempt, so that login can be authenticated only from single device. Everything is working perfectly, but I’m moving from one device to another and have installed the newest version of Nextcloud Win client (3.0). In this app (on my admin device) while logging in (on other device), I see notification about login attempt, but I cannot respond to that. In the previous version (2.6.5) it was possible, but in the newest I can’t see this button to accept or decline login attempt.

Windows 10, Nextcloud client 2.6.5

Windows 10, Nextcloud client 3.0

Is it normal? :thinking:
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The best way to get this fixed is probably to open an issue on github.

The new UI is a rewrite, so the devs might have missed this usecase.

I don’t think this is the intended behaviour.