Cannot open uploaded documents in browser

I have two instances of next cloud running and neither of them will allow me to open files in the browser.

pdf opens ok, but any of the other types (.xlsx, .docx, etc) are not opening at all. creating new docs gives error too.

I have only a few apps enabled on this because I am testing as I go.

It seems like I am missing a setting or an app, so succintly put, what is the best way to manage documents to be able to use just like google where you can edit without opening the file on a local program?

the only office apps I have added are open office and office online integration.

To open the files you mentioned you will need Nextcloud Office app in your Nextcloud instance.

You can use/test Nextcloud Office (Collabora Online) or OnlyOffice on other Nextcloud servers.

You can test Collabora Online here:
Username: 16 characters generated
Passwort: demo
Server is or

Also you can e.g. create a free account (8 GB) at (only e-mail and password and you can delete it in the user settings). There you can use Collabora Online and OnlyOffice. But it thing that are test versions.