Cannot open file in shares

nextcloud 22.2.0
Ubuntu 20.04
Apache 2.4.41
PHP 8.0.11

Nextcloud instance running well.

Issue :
Share a file (docx., jpg, or pdf) .
The user who the file was shared with tries to open the file in Files>Shares.
The user is instantly prompted to download the file.

This behaviour is not exhibited when trying to open the file from Files, or Files> Shares>Shared with you. In these cases the file opens in browser (Collabora, PDF Viewer, or Photo Viewer).

Please find postings starting here:

my issue is not with the client but on the web interface2021-10-18_14-46

if i am on the Files app page and select Shares in the left hand sidebar clicking on a file results in the above screen shot (prompt for download).

if I expand the Shares menu and select “Shared with you” the file opens just fine.