Cannot obtain SSL cert becaus of port 443 is already taken

I try to do installation using this tutorial: Nextcloud with Docker: Installing the cloud software in containers - IONOS

It works fine, except I cannot obtain SSL certificate.

The problem arises because port 443, which is required for SSL, is already in use on my host machine. In my Docker-compose file, I have defined an nginx configuration volume as follows: - ./proxy/conf.d:/etc/nginx/conf.d:rw.

To work around the port conflict, I need to change the default SSL port to 8443. I have edited the default.conf file to reflect this change, but upon saving and running docker-compose, the modification does not persist. Upon re-opening the default.conf file, I find that the port is still set to 443.

How can I successfully modify the port to 8443 in my configuration?

hi @marketorix welcome to the forum :handshake:

I recommend you reach out to IONOS as the question relates to their guide and likely to their hosting.

I’m not familiar with

image: jwilder/nginx-proxy:alpine

take a look at and/or Github if there is additional documentation how to change incoming port. Depending on the ACME challenge you have to use the <public ip>:443 for ACME (letsencrypt) - but definitely you can trick with port forwarding/iptables/whatever…