Cannot mount external smb storage from FreeNAS

I am still having this issue with my setup when I try to mount an external storage on FreeNAS via SMB

FreeNAS version: 11.2 U6
Nextcloud version 16.0.4-0

SMB1 doesn’t seem to be the problem as I can mount shares on Windows machines with SMB1 disabled.

Is there a decent way to fix it by now?

kind regards

I split this topic off since the old issue was solved (so yours has to be different). You didn’t give many details, I found two topics on the bug tracker:

Thanks for your reply!

Hm, not sure, they might be both related. I am using Nextcloud inside a docker container. The distribution is Univention UCS (I think it is based on Ubuntu 18.04) and it is pretty much GUI based…

What details would you need? The Nextcloud GUI is only giving me a red “!” (Computer says no). :slight_smile:

Any log file that might help?

Kind regards

For some reason NetBIOS alias was set to the workgourp name in SMB service configuration on FreeNAS -_-

Not sure if I added the alias by mistake or it came during a freenas upgrade because I cannot remember the setting at all…

Anyways: after removing the alias nextcloud can connect to freenas.