Cannot login: "forbidden"

I have Nextcloud 18.0.4 installed on Ubuntu 18.04 as a snap, with nginx as a SSL proxy, and forwarding it unencrypted to localhost:81. I can login fine from the web, but when I try to connect the iOS app, it says

It is not possible to connect to the server at this time.

The web login method doesn’t work because the Log in/Grant access (app token method) button simply doesn’t work.

I ran nextcloud.occ log:tail but no new log errors came up. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this.

No real idea. Perhaps the ssl certificate is not correct?
Test the ssl certificate in your browser? Do you use Lets Encrypt?

Yes - logging in through the browser works just fine, so it can’t be the SSL.

I just opened the app, and boom, I’m apparently logged in.

That’s so buggy.

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I hat that exact same problem (on my iPad)

Thanks to this post, I just tried to reopen the app. Worked!

Really annoying bug!

Thanks @randomshinichi