Cannot login and email password verification does not arrive

Login problems.
Forgive me but I am not computer literate but this seems to be a basic issue that is not resolving.

I just signed up for Nextcloud but cannot really do much as I am caught in an endless loop where Nextcloud does not recognise my password but likewise does not send me the email required to change my password to my registered address. Despite this, Nextcloud databases recognise my email in the system because when I try to sign up for a provider it says ‘account already registered’

Over the past week I have repeatedly sent email confirmations to my address to no avail. Nothing comes into my inbox nor the spam folder or trash. I seriously want to use Nextcloud in lieu of Google but I am baffled at the difficulty in setting up even a basic task such as email verification.

Hi @dajory

maybe it would be useful to know where you signed up. Nextcloud itself is just a software, but the problem here seems to be the provider you chose to open an account.