Cannot log in or use new installation

I am horribly confused.

I’ve never used anything like Nextcloud before. I own my own domain, but I haven’t yet had the time to figure out how things work or how to do the various things I want to be able to do.

My domain host makes the Softaculous installer available to us, so I used that to install Nextcloud v16.0.4. Then I went to my login page and entered the DB Username and DB Password. NC returned a message that the username and/or password were invalid, even though I copied and pasted the both items from Softaculous’s installation details page.

That leaves me completely lost. Help??

Edited to add: I used my third-party password manager to create a secure password 64 characters long. A moment ago, I noticed that my domain host has a password generator with an upper limit of 18 characters. Could password length be part of the problem?

The nextcloud login does not use the DB username and password. Here is a guide to set the admin password:
Can you log in to MySQL using the DB credentials? This can be checked on the command line or via phpMyAdmin, if installed.

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OK, it looks like the solution to my dilemma is to uninstall Nextcloud, cancel my domain hosting service, and go back to Gaggle Mail.

At the link you provided:

  1. doesn’t work
  2. doesn’t exist
    The occ stuff might as well be the Marklar language written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, for all I can understand of it.

I am very sorry to have bothered you wonderful people. I am even more sorry I imagined that I would be able to host my own domain. I’ll return to the service I hate, run by a company I loathe, because I’m clearly incapable of doing anything else.

That’s obviously up to you, but the link provided does work. Alternatively, if you could describe exactly what’s going on (and maybe give a screen shot of the “login page” you’re seeing), we could probably give a lot more help.

That’s unfortunate, but maybe for the best. By the way, Nextcloud isn’t an email service.

By the way, Nextcloud isn’t an email service.

Well, that’s good, because I don’t need one.
I wanted to use NC to host, among several other things, my own calendar that I can share between devices.

I’ve never heard of this Softaculous. Could you detail your installation steps?