Cannot log in after password change

I changed my password in a browser and now I can no longer connect with the desktop client on my Mac. Can anyone please tell me where I can put my new password into the desktop client? I’m running latest mac os 11.2.3 Big Sur and the NC Desktop Client Version 3.1.3 (macOS).

Managed to fix my issue by reinstalling the nc client. Then I had back up my preferences folder. Then I deleted my account. Then I recreated my account from the client “add new account”. Quit the client. Deleted the new preferences folder and copied my backup over. Now I’m back up and running. I hope this doesn’t ever happen again. For a program that is about security this is a big flaw. There should be a way to directly access and adjust your password on the desktop clients. As I understand it the desktop client is supposed to notice when a password was changed and give you a dialog box to login. There should be a failsafe when this doesn’t work. It’s not good to be afraid to ever change your password again.

I decided to do a little testing since the solution already mentioned gave me to many risk factors. I may have found a way to move back to version 3.3.0 which from the looks of things seem to work as it should when, as in my case, a change of password forces the user to re-authenticate by login in again. I know run the Windows Nextcloud Client ver 3.3.0 x64 again and so far haven’t seen any issues, perhaps due to lack of extensive testing… How this would pan out for other OS’s or even other Windows versions I have no way of knowing. But because of a directory backup there should be a way back to your present state, if this workaround doesn’t pan out…
Anyway, this is what I did:

  1. Backup the program directory where the NextCloud client resides.
  2. Download the last working client file which in my case was Nextcloud-3.3.0-x64.msi, you may have to choose another file for several obvious reasons such as your OS and architecture (x86/x64).
  3. Close EVERYTHING even vaguely connected to/with NextCloud such as File explorer. You will still need to reboot since not everything will be available to close or could potentially cause direct problems if so.
  4. Run the installation. It should behave like a new install. After it is finished you should reboot and can try and start NextCloud but at least in my case Nothing happened since the Nextcloud.exe where missing!
  5. Run the installation file AGAIN, in my case Nextcloud-3.3.0-x64.msi. But this time the installation should recognize itself as installed will prompt you and ask what tod do. Choose REPAIR.
  6. Let it finish and reboot.
  7. Start NextCloud! Login as the new procedure dictates.

There are no guarantees that this will work for everyone but it’s a fair chance for many, I would say…
Here you find the new & older versions of the clients NextCloud Clients

Happy Hacking! :nerd_face:

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