Cannot install from comand line v13

Hello all

I am trying to finish my installation by comand line as stated here:

sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:install --database "mysql" --database-name "nextcloud" --database-user "root" --database-pass "rootpassword" --admin-user "admin" --admin-pass "adminpassword" --data-dir "/media/usbhdd-a/nextcloud/data"

but the system returns:

What is going wrong here? Any suggestions?

Kind regards

Found the issue.

I used root password to get Nextcloud initialised. But as I am using MariaDB and it is not using a password per default I needed to set one for user root first.

Did it this way:

> sudo mysql -u root
MariaDB [(none)]> grant all privileges on *.* to root@localhost identified by 'rootpassword' with grant option;
MariaDB [(none)]> flush privileges;
MariaDB [(none)]> quit;

This solved the issue.

Kind regards