Cannot finish the set up of NC


Sorry for the noob question, but what should I do in order to finish the setup of NC? I have installed as a docker container. When I go to its local address on https://localip:8080 I have to add a domain. I am not sure how to configure the domain. I have a duckdns domain and can do port forwarding. However I am not sure what should I configure and how.

I am not sure if this is a blocker, but I have already forwarded port 443 to another computer.

Here are the error logs:

[Sun Jan 01 21:35:19.676281 2023] [php:notice] [pid 338] [client] The response of the connection attempt to "" was: , referer:
[Sun Jan 01 21:35:19.676341 2023] [php:notice] [pid 338] [client] Expected was: a4e24434a9a258fb52ee07848be78b7c3f216b2d443a8884, referer:
[Sun Jan 01 21:35:19.676355 2023] [php:notice] [pid 338] [client] The error message was: Empty reply from server, referer:

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Normally you use the domain directly on the standard port. If not you have to add the port with colons: However with letsencrypt it will be a bit tricky, as well accessing your cloud might be blocked in some networks on “exotic” ports.

Webservers can do name-based virtual hosting ( and several domains on the same ip address are possible, but with port forwarding this is more difficult (you could put a proxy server in between that splits between your two domains). Perhaps your other computer is powerful enough to handle the Nextcloud stuff as a proxy.

Then you need to use a Reverse Proxy and install AIO like this:

I did it using a Reverse Proxy and it worked. Thank you!