Cannot find some users when searching in Contacts or Calendar Event attendees

We have recently installed Nextcloud on a VPS for our NGO. Most of our users can be found in the Contact search, calendar event attendee or Rainloop email recipient.

A few however do not appear either by autocomplete or by typing the full name or email address. They all, however, can be found from the file sharing dialogue and Talk.

I can’t see anything different regarding those ‘unsearchable’ users. They all have email addresses configured in the user’s settings. Does anyone have any ideas what’s going on?

We still have this problem, it also occurs sometimes when users change their name. To clarify the same users that CANNOT be searched for in a calendar event or rainloop email addresee - CAN be found in the file sharing dialogue & talk. They DO have a unique email address entered in their personal settings.

They also were searchable in all apps previously. The problem is very frustrating. Any ideas?

I have had to recreate users that have had this problem but it is now becoming very problematic. Having to reapply correct group folder permissions for effected users is very tedious. Has nobody else had this problem?

Can anyone point me in a direction to troubleshoot this?

Same issue here.

Did you ever figure it out?

Are you using LDAP? (are these LDAP users?.. my users with this issue are LDAP)

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SOLVED (for me at least)…

Answer: Make sure your [especially ldap] users have mail / email field defined.

I just compared working users Vs. non-working and discovered the non-working didn’t have an email field assigned in domain.

This happens because in our case the admins who provision email address for new company user can sometimes lag several days / weeks after the user is onboarded before giving them their email address. By the time they get it, we sometimes forget to circle back and add the email address to their ‘mail’ field in the active directory/domain.

So while I was able to find the user in the user search because my ldap user search settings (Advanced > Directory Settings) looked like…


I was not able to find the user in the Nextcloud Calendar app because it apparently relies PRIMARILY on the ‘mail’ field existing. Which sort of makes sense… since Calendar is going to want to send email notifications / invites to named atendees.

Mystery solved.