Cannot find NC 18 in Web Updater


I’ve just upgraded to NC 17.0.3 via the Web Updater, but I cannot see Version 18 there. Is this a normal behavior? Is there a way to upgrade from version 17 to 18 via the Web Updater?

its normal, wait a few day, it will roll out in waves

You can get the update immediately if you change the update channel to beta.

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This is about the 100th time this question has been asked, for various versions. There is a search icon top right.

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I have found several answers in the forum, but they didn’t really help me out.
I also found a few hints about changing the channel to Beta, but this doesn’t bring any changes either:


If I have to wait a few more days it’s no problem, I just wanted to know if a major update also works via the web interface (I didn’t find anyhing about that).

Yes it will. But wait for 18.01, the 18 is not ready and there are a few bugs.