Cannot find federated file

I am new to federation. As a test I tried to add a shared file to my Nextcloud:

This was successful. I received a notification from the NC app.

However I can’t find the file in my Files section.

Where are these federated files located?

You find the files in the root-file-folder of your personal nextcloud-account.
You can then move it to another location.
Perhaps there is a option to set default to another folder.

Did you check the web interface? Usually you have to accept the file before it appears in the files list, this easily is missed in the app interface, i am not even sure you get an option to accept it somehow

I had to accept the file in the notifications in the web interface.

Do you use the android or ios app?

I used the iOS (iPad) app.


have a similar problem, I can no longer find my previously synchronized files (music) in the Android directory (Android / media / com.nextcloud.client),
the PDF are available, the folder structure is available under / temp /, but no files.

When i try to synchronize again, the client reports: File already exists.

I use: Android app (3.13.0 RC1)
I have already uninstalled the app and deleted the directory with the Total Commander, without success, even a remote wipe via the web interface
Thanks for your help

This has nothing to do with the original problem in this thread, please make a new thread. Only thing why i asked for the mobile os version is for the notifications.

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