Cannot find Face Recognition in app store on Nextcloud 16.0.8

As described in the title, I do not see the Face Recognition app in the app store on Nextcloud 16.0.8. Is this a known issue?

You can try to download and install it manually:

have you checked the requiremnts?

@JimmyKater Thanks for the reply! I meet the requirements.
@j-ed thanks for the link. That ‘ease’ manual install seems to be new! I’ve tried the ‘hard’ manual install before which did not work. Will be giving it a try!! Thank you!

After following the manual instructions it’s still saying

The library pdlib is not available.

Already tried restarting the server with no result.

apt install php7.0-pdlib


php7.0-pdlib is already the newest version

which php do you run?

php -v on my nextcloud server returns PHP 7.2.24

… and what php version is used by the PHP web component?


can’t be correct, somehow. right?

So the only option would be to downgrade my php version to 7.0?

no. why? isn’t here any php7.2-pdlib ?

@j-ed The php version on my nextcloud itself is Version: 7.3.14

I don’t think there is? At least I could not find one

oyyyy. so you should find something like php7.3(xyz)-pdlib and install it

It is always recommend to keep the php web and cli component in sync to prevent unexpected behavior.

My PHP version is 7.3.19-1 - I cannot find an extension for my version, for pdlib. What can I do?