Cannot enable Talk (spreed) after upgrade to NC21

I am self-hosting NC on a Debian Buster Linode. I previously had Talk installed and working. After I recently upgraded to version 21.0.1 of NC, spreed was disabled by the update process. When I try to enable spreed from the apps page I get an error, but I can’t not find anything in the log file that seems relevant. The version of spreed was 10.0.4.
Any idea was is wrong and what do I need to do to get Talk working again?

Hi @dworthem,
have you try to uninstall it and reinstall it ?

I tried uninstalling it but could not find a way to reinstall it. Where is the procedure to install? I could not find a link in my apps page. After installing I had to recopy the old spreed directory from a backup to the /var/www/nextcloud/apps directory but it stillwould not enable.

@dworthem you can’t reinstall it in the apps menu with admin account ?
this is really strange
you can download the apps on github: GitHub - nextcloud/spreed: 📞😀 Nextcloud Talk – chat, video & audio calls for Nextcloud

I have the same problem trying to install “Talk”. can someone give me a walk through on how to enable Talk?

I am very new to this. Thank in advance.

“The column ‘sip_enabled’ on table ‘oc_talk_rooms’ already exists”

That is what I get when I click “enable” to install Talk (version 11.1.2)

@alexnoah do this :

sudo mysql -u root -p
USE nextcloud; ( change nextcloud by your db name)
DROP TABLE `oc_talk_rooms`;

Thank you for the quick repsonse.

Sorry to bother you again about this subject but I’m not too sure where I should type that in???

I’m guessing in the command line?

And if so, do I need to be in a specific directory/folder?

I am using a Raspberry PI4

@alexnoah yes the 3 lines have to be typed in a command line ( there is no need to be in a specific folder). The first one is for accessing MariaDB using the root user of MariaDB. The second one is for select your database ( change nextcloud by the name of yours) and the latest is for deleting the table already existing ( so all information in this table will be deleted ).