Cannot download files from trashbin

Hi. Just a quick question: is there any reason why files are not downloadable from the trashbin but only restorable or deleted premanently?

Using latest 24.0.2.


The purpose of the trashbin is to keep a deleted file for a while to be able to restore it. There is usually no need to download anything directly from that location. If you want to download it, restore it first :wink:

There are situations where this is inconvenient, for example when the file has been manually restored or overwritten. In this case, it would be very useful to download and manually inspect the file, and eventually copy the downloaded file into its place instead of restoring.

Downloading is possible from versions, where the use case is almost the same. Why is it offered there, and not for trashbin?

You can do that (kind of) already. If you are restoring a file from the the trash bin while a file with the same name is already in place, it gets restored with a new name like that: “filename.txt (restored)”…

But I agree that there are situations, where it would be useful to be able to directly download or open a file from the trash bin. Maybe you can search on GitHub if there is already a feature request for that, and if there is none, create one…

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If you have file access you can download the files from:
Only works if you do not use server side encryption.