Cannot Delete Demo files after login as new user

Hello together,
I have just installed nextcloud 17 via the helm chart on kubernetes. After successful first login I tried to delete the by default create files. Unfortunately, I am not able to delete those files. Nextcloud only throughs an error saying unable to delete file. Could you please provide directions on how I can get rid of those files?
I have read a comment saying there might be temporary locks on the files. However, I checked my database


does not hold any locks. Please note, I am able to delete newly created files.

Thanks for your help!

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@cjohn001 Welcome!

Check the forum:

Please consult the documentation:

Same applies to the NC 17 docs. However, for a newcome I would like to propose to start with the more stable NC 16 version for good reasons. However, you are free to choose and have to pay by lessons learned.

Stick to the more known Un*x flavours. Naturally, you can choose Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, ArchLinux and probably NextCloudPi or other flavours besides Debian Linux. Also available are some other OS …

Hope this helps.

Happy hacking.

Hello @TP75,
I cannot follow you on the PI stuff and what this should have to do with my problem.
So you recommend NC 16. I just checked that NC 17 is mentioned on the website as production ready. Is your experience, that this does not denote a lot and the stuff is still quite buggy?

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@cjohn001 Fair argument and even a better question. :+1:

Unfortunately, IMHO yes - buggy and please have a look at the far too many questions in this forum. In the meantime NC 17 is a quest for beta testers and not truly a production ready software. The claim to be ‘ready’ for home use just helps the NC project to get enough knowledge of not tested issues before the more prominent enterprise customers may make their requests.

NOTE: This is a fair model of modern software development especially at FOSS projects and called “agile software development”. IMHO this is a transparent FOSS project and called free for more than just one reason, I presume.

AFAIK the NC devs and the Nextcloud GmbH are both quite transparent about this, if you can read their reasonable phrases beyond the marketing section. Furthermore, a small business and huge effort called SME (see SME-archived for a contemporarily historic definition) like Nextcloud GmbH would stand no chance against the global IT players and should be supported in their honest flexibility but not blamed for being agile.

Good luck!


This is the home user forum and although you may ask freely and virtually anything, it may depend what you get answered for free. Ref. to Nextcloud GmbH there is professional support available:

  1. Customers and Partners (mainly) closed portal —
  2. An Enterprise Subscription from Nextcloud is available with email and phone support.

NOTE: Please be aware I am not affiliated with Nextcloud GmbH and my views are the free views as both a volunteer and a EU citizen and appear in a private capacity solely.

Please understand that while presenting the presumed utter facts like above myself for a longer time is enjoying the excellent quality of service of several Nextcloud installations in a mixed operating system environment distributed between several EU member countries currently.

FOSS truly rocks.

IMHO Nextcloud is cloud at it’s best.

Happy hacking.

Your are welcome.

BTW A problem solved (i.e. :white_check_mark:) or a little ACK to one or more of my comments (i.e. click on the heart icon :heart:) would show you are satisfied. This could be a kind gesture and would motivate me like authors of other advice to continue in lending a hand freely…

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My fault and please accept my apologies for not meeting your expectations.

However, obviously NextcCloudPi is favoured by many ambituous newcomers and home user for low budget NC startups.

BTW just to inform the many home users in this forum who may ask “what about what”?

Happy hacking.

Hello TP75,
thanks for the infor. Well if 17 is in beta than I should think twice about. In the meantime I could solve my problem. I had to remove all a couple of ingress annotions. Now things work smootly. So far nice for a beta :slight_smile:

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nothing more to add here. maybe except nc17 is officially no beta (defined by nextcloud itself).

but i can’t stop repeating on an on:
i, personally, would start putting thought into upgrading from every x.0.2-version on, only. this is what nextcloud defines a production-channel release. even better: you’d check out on the threads and problems with this kind of production-release here on the forum for one or two weeks to see how many issues there are and then start upgrading.
i am doing that since version 13 and updating always went smoothly.

btw: thanks @TP75 for all these answers of yours.

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